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We established Fazekas Young Dental Group in order to create a practice completely in line with our treatment philosophy: Treat our patients as we want to be treated.  Since going to the dentist can be an anxiety-provoking experience for some, we have created a calm, warm environment where our patients aren’t rushed. We spend the time our patients need to feel comfortable before, during, and after any procedure.  We offer nitrous oxide to our patients who request it.

The core of our treatment approach is evidence-based dentistry.  Dr. Fazekas-Young grounds her treatment decisions on the latest research in the field, not the latest fad, and firmly believes that the best teeth are the ones that we are born with.  Having completed 2 years of hospital residency after receiving her DMD from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Fazekas-Young invests significant time in continuing education and reading dental research literature.


Our team has been together for nearly 15 years.  We know our patients and their families, and they know us.


Check-ups and office visits are often accompanied by laughter and hugs!


More about Dr. Cynthia Fazekas-Young:


Dr. Fazekas-Young has been practicing in New York City and Long Island since 1993, including completing hospital residencies in NYC hospitals.  She also worked for the World Health Organization as a dentist in the Cayman Islands and completed a fellowship at the American Association of Hospital Dentists in Chicago.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Franklin & Marshall College and received her Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry from the University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Fazekas-Young lives in Connecticut with her husband, 3 children (ages 17, 15, and 13), 7 dogs, 6 cats, and an indeterminate number of guinea pigs, fish, and rabbits.  She is an avid horseback rider and scuba diver.

About Us


General Dentistry

Dental Hygiene


Annual or preferably semi-annual visits are the first line of defense in ensuring good oral health, which has been tied to broader wellness, particularly cardiac health.

Endodontics & Periodontics

We provide a full range of endodontics (e.g., root canal therapy) and periodontics. (gum tissue treatment)

Dental Fillings


 We offer composite fillings and amalgam fillings (if indicated).

Dentures, Bridges, & Implants


We provide a full range of prosthodontic services, including dentures (fitting, placement, repair), bridges, and implants.  Dr. Diana Lee, our in-house prosthodontist, is available to all our patients, particularly those with more complex presentations.

Aesthetic Dentistry



Dr. Fazekas Young has completed Invisalign™ training, enabling her to offer a simpler and more time and cost-effective solution than traditional orthodontia. 

Teeth Whitening


While there are many over the counter solutions, which may meet your needs, we have more powerful, prescription-only solutions that may be more appropriate for some patients.



“There is something different about you, but I can’t put my finger on it.” We are proud of our track record in making our patients feel better about themselves and look better but doing it subtly. Veneers, which are thin overlays placed on the tooth surface, can be an excellent solution for certain patients. 

Emergency Treatment

Same-Day Treatments


Our existing patients have priority access to Dr. Fazekas-Young for any issues that may arise (dental pain, crown re-cementing, etc.)  We will see new emergency patients on a space-available basis.

Evenings & Weekends


Dr. Fazekas-Young provides her personal cellphone to her patients if they have after-hours of dental needs.  

Our Services


Years of Experience



Smiling  Clients

Happy Staff


Dr. Cynthia Fazekas-Young, DMD


Dr. Diana Lee


Maribel Morandarte

Dental Assistant

Ramona Davidson

Dental Hygienist

Rachelle Cardino

Office Manager

Our Dentists


Dr. Fazekas was recommended by a co-worker after I was tortured by a dental hygenist at another dental office. I've been a patient for more than five years. I appreciate how she tries to fight for the tooth for as long as possible. I'm very happy with her work and my smile. Her staff is great!

Patricia Parrales

Dr. Fazekas and her staff are simply wonderful. The best, most caring dentist I've ever had. All physicians should be like her.

J Wilson

Dr. Fazekas Young and her team are great. I was there for a cleaning, and I was greeted like an old friend. I used to be a very phobic patient, but now I have no anxiety. Dr. F is super gentle and really patient, and I have never felt a shot !


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Our Address

30 E 40th Suite 306 (3rd floor), New York, NY 10016

Email:  |  Tel: 212-867-1669


Monday – Friday 9 AM – 6 PM

Wednesday 9 AM - 7 PM

Closed: Saturday & Sunday


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